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LurraFit Coffee, the go-to weight loss product for coffee lovers everywhere!
One-of-a-kind: Energy Coffee Blend, Weight Loss Blend, Adaptogen Mushroom Blend

Start your active, healthy lifestyle with our latest breakthrough in the beverage industry. Most of us need that extra boost to get going in the morning.
We found a solution by creating an all-natural coffee blend that will increase your energy, curb your appetite, and boost your brain.

Boosts metabolism, fat burning, and appetite control
Increases energy, stamina, performance, and productivity
Enhances fitness and promotes healthy weight loss
Improves focus, concentration, memory, and mood
Protects against aging and strengthens immunity

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.
We wanted to revolutionize the coffee business as you know it by developing a formula that is rich in adaptogenic, antioxidant, and thermogenesis properties - giving you many more benefits than just your average cup of joe.
With this remarkable coffee drink, we will help people all over the world be healthy, happy, and fit.

So how does it taste?
Here's how one self-proclaimed coffee lover / addict described it: LurraFit Coffee
is a full-bodied, dark black coffee. The flavor and aroma of the multi origin bean blend are rich and complex.
It starts bold and smooth, with low acidity and little bitterness. The bold yet soft notes of the Arabica coffee beans are present in both the aroma and the taste. As the coffee cools, the flavor deepens as the added adaptogens intermingle - creating a truly pleasant coffee drinking experience.

Get ready to energize your day and your weight loss!

LurraFit Coffee Weight Loss Coffee Ingredients
Home Products Testimonies Company Rewards Plan Order Options
Adrian Mathews (503) 212-4122Company Site

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